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WordPress Spamming -or- How To Not Waste Your Life

I have to start by apologizing for turning off comments for a while. In the last two days, I’ve been slammed with over 800 spamming comments to my articles. Yes, it’s annoying, and at first I was attempting to build … Continue reading

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SLCAdobeUG October Meeting – AJAX Simplified

Here are the items for tonight’s presentation of understanding AJAX.¬†You’ll learn what AJAX is, and why you would use it. In the sample (links below), you’ll see the steps it takes to create AJAX: Including javascript files, events, and form … Continue reading

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Deleting large “Other” in iOS 5 and iTunes

I had a strange problem. In iTunes, the Other was using up 7GB of my iPad capacity. Not good. Seems like it’s a corruption issue. To get this space back, on your iPad, go to the Settings app->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings. … Continue reading

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