WordPress Spamming -or- How To Not Waste Your Life

I have to start by apologizing for turning off comments for a while. In the last two days, I’ve been slammed with over 800 spamming comments to my articles. Yes, it’s annoying, and at first I was attempting to build up a clever list of spammy words to trim the spam out. Then I realized I was wasting my life putting that much effort into it. I’m was not willing to play the game, even a little bit. I felt better right away.

Think about it. What is the point in expending a bunch of effort, because of something someone else has set up, for their own purposes, where your benefit is nothing? There has to be a reward somewhere, for yourself, or for someone else. Just following the other sheep or performing to the status quo does not come free. You expended energy.

It’s even worse if you expend money and time. Window PC repair comes to mind as a perfect example. The entire anti-virus industry is built on this most base and despicable display of wasting people’s lives. One solution: buy a Mac instead. Since “the switch” almost four years ago, the number of viruses we’ve had to deal with? Zero. That’s not hype, or slick marketing talking, it is quite simply a fact, and it is not up for dispute. And if you are stupid enough to manually launch a virus from a Mac, you are a sheep with the exact problem I’m describing.

If you are in a job where your purpose is to create these games, you are a complete waste of space. If you are clever enough to spam people, you should be clever enough to do something useful with your life. In an odd way, if someone is simply an identity thief, while destructive, it’s not surprising, because there is a point. But a spammer is a bandit that forces you to sit through commercials. They’ve stolen your time. Why is that?

Simple. A business started this chain of nonsense. Instead of casually showing their goods at the side of the road, they create a roadblock bandit, pointing to the gods at the side of the road. And there is a line of 800+ bandits to go through. So much for the myth of the efficiency of unbridled capitalism. Still not convinced, think about health insurance for a minute, and if that’s getting better and more efficient. Greed is not always good, and is often very destructive. The root of spamming is greed. Whatever it takes, the ends justify the means.

I submit that it’s up to all of us as individuals to determine if we allow someone else’s greed to waste our lives. So take a moment to pause throughout your day, and decide, am I doing something important right now, or am I walking with the sheep. If your gut is saying you’re not happy, it’s likely you’re wasting your time. Simply stop and walk away. It’s really okay.

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