AV Foundation in iOS 5 – Video Capture, Save, Display

In preparation for a project at work, and a presentation for the local CocoaHeads, I decided to dive in on the new AV Foundation implementation in iOS 5. Most of what I concentrated on was understanding the Rosywriter demo from WWDC. There were a few things I wanted to do very differently from the sample:

  1. Apply this to a storyboard, and get rid of that repulsive toolbar
  2. Use ARC
  3. Remove the pixel color processing, while keeping the CALayer for the display in the view
  4. Make the video orientation for landscape, like a normal person would. (Portrait video? Seriously?)

I’m posting the Keynote slides and the Xcode project. Here’s a PDF version for the Keynote-challenged.

Some things to remember about using some of the Apple code in your project:

  • Make sure your frameworks have been added to your project
  • Remember to add files like fragment and vertex shader files in your Build Phase under Copy Bundle Resources

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