Xcode – Renaming Repository Bug Using Git, Pull From Project

I’m using xCode 4.5.2, and was checking out some of my projects from Git, as I now have a new Retina Macbook Pro. I was beset by two problems.

When I went to check out a repository, the Folder names were right, but the name in the Organizer list was wrong. It picked a previous project name/repository name. Very frustrating, rebooting does not help.

I figured out a way to trick it, and got it to work. Here are the steps:

1) Go to the Organizer, and when you add, choose Add Repository

2) Now you do as you would the Checkout, only now you control the name.

3) Now you’ll have a repository with the right name, but no project. On the bottom left you can now do a Pull.

4) Once the Pull completes, Xcode make a new repository name, with the correct name this time. You can now just delete the generic repository if you’d like.

Note: I know some people just do the repository and start pulling, especially with the command line, and they don’t care if they pull every project down. That takes up a lot of disk space, so that’s why I’m pulling one repo/project set at a time.

My second issue was that committing only commits to the local Git, not the master. When in Organizer, there is no indicator to push. The only way I can get back to the master (as of this version) is to have the project open, and use the menus. File -> Source Control -> Commit and File -> Source Control -> Pull. That actually works.

I hope these things get tightened up in future version of Xcode.


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