WebCode Workflow with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

webCodeIconImage256I’ve posted the content and slides from this week’s presentation on WebCode and Adobe tools.

As far as feedback from the group, there was considerable interest in the ability to convert PSDs to raster layers. I clearly didn’t give this feature the attention it deserved in my initial review. I’m a bit fixated on vectors right now. Many in my group are very much in the raster world, and they loved what WebCode was doing with PSD.

Why is this so cool?

If you consider that you can separately animate layers of raster content on a web page, it’s a very big deal. The support of Photoshop effects is shockingly good, far more than I reasonably expected. The exports from WebCode are outstanding by any measure. Some people like animating in Javascript, some like CSS animations. These exports make it very easy to do. Even the SVG export, with rasters, is easy to animate (although I would’t recommend ever scaling rasters up).

At $49.99, WebCode is worth every penny. It can be used by itself, and produce great stuff. That fact that it also plays so very well with Adobe products is miraculous. Love those PixelCut guys!

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