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Documenting In Xcode

Using Xcode’s comment indicators and inline documentation feature has some wonderful benefits to every Apple developer. So, I created a presentation to do a talk on it. Even if you did not make the event, the slides have samples and … Continue reading

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iOS Remote Notifications – What is Error 400 Topic Disallowed?

In setting up remote (push) notifications for iOS today, our manual server post to APNs was an error 400 Topic Disallowed, explained as “Pushing to this topic is not allowed.” in the Apple docs. NOT helpful. What is the topic? It’s the AppID! … Continue reading

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Data Design In Core Data

For those who wanted the slides from my presentation at Cocoaheads, the slide deck is in Keynote format, and is available here. I added some additional clarifications based on feedback from the attendees. Thanks for coming!

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Formatting a Samsung T5 SSD to APFS

When buying an SSD, the last thing I want to do is use FAT32, I want to just use APFS, because I’m only using Apple devices. I’ve done this twice now, and it works fine, but it’s not as straightforward … Continue reading

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Animating Polygon Shape Changes With CAShapeLayer in Swift and iOS

I am working on a project that will be animating polygon vector shapes. No raster images on a CAShapeLayer. In general, most of the references and examples related to CAShapeLayer are concentrated on animating stroke end points. That’s great for … Continue reading

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Where In The World Have I Been?

I’ve really neglected my website. My choice, but I want to reverse that now. I’m going to try to start posting again. A lot of things have changed for me lately, as far as my career. Demands On Time By … Continue reading

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Winter Effects in Photoshop CC

A year ago, I presented on making it snow in a Photoshop video. I’ve found the original keynote and PDF for downloading. Enjoy!

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Let It Snow In Adobe After Effects CC

I’ll be presenting at the SLC Adobe Video Users Group in Draper on Wednesday, February 18th, at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City located at 121 W. Election Road Draper Utah. We’ll start at 6:30PM. Feel free to download the source … Continue reading

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iOS Tutorial: Selections in TableViews

This tutorial picks up where our last tutorial on TableView Basics left off. Now that we have one, it’s time to start editing, deleting and moving things around. Again, we’ll have our starter project and our completed project downloads. First … Continue reading

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What’s New in Photoshop Creative Cloud

The resource files for the SLC Adobe User Group are available for download. We’ll cover most of the image editing enhancements, including blur gallery, smart sharpen, liquify, and up sampling. We’ll also show how to use CSS copy exports for use with … Continue reading

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