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WebCode Workflow with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I’ve posted the content and slides from this week’s presentation on WebCode and Adobe tools. As far as feedback from the group, there was considerable interest in the ability to convert PSDs to raster layers. I clearly didn’t give this … Continue reading

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Software Review: PixelCut’s WebCode Is A Winner

Pixel Cut has released a new tool called WebCode for creating your web images into code — web code, as in HTML, SVG, JavaScript+Canvas and CSS. Yes, very cool. The Advantage of Vector Imaging on Your Website Every webmaster and … Continue reading

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Adding Animations to WordPress with Adobe Edge Animate

This is really part one of more posts to come on Edge Animate and WordPress integration. Here is a link to the slides for tonight’s SLCAdobeUG meeting. It includes the vital links to get you up and running animating your … Continue reading

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The Problem With iOS GitHub Component Examples Lately

I’ve started to notice a disturbing trend lately, iOS Github examples that flat out don’t work nicely outside the example code.  Here are the typical problems: Non-ARC code No Storyboards Sample project megalomanic focus inaccuracies and generalities Non-ARC code … Continue reading

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PaintCode 1.2.1 – What’s New

UPDATE: Version 1.3 has just been released, with new features. My GitHub is working again, so you can pull the sample project. I know I did a post and presentation at BYU CocoaHeads on PixelCut’s excellent PaintCode Mac app last … Continue reading

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Solution: Apple TV 3 and the spinner, plus the failure of AirPlay Screen Mirroring

I got an new Apple TV (3rd generation hockey puck), and I was watching a movie downloaded from iTunes. An hour and a half in, WHAMO, seized up. After going through reading an encyclopedia of posts, I took the extreme of … Continue reading

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Xcode – Renaming Repository Bug Using Git, Pull From Project

I’m using xCode 4.5.2, and was checking out some of my projects from Git, as I now have a new Retina Macbook Pro. I was beset by two problems. When I went to check out a repository, the Folder names … Continue reading

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iOS Tutorial: Editing TableViews

This tutorial picks up where our last tutorial on TableView Basics left off. Now that we have one, it’s time to start editing, deleting and moving things around. Again, we’ll have our starter project and our completed project downloads. For additional reading, you can … Continue reading

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iOS Tutorial: Basics of Table Views and Prototype Cells in Storyboards

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics of populating tableviews with data, and using the prototype cells introduced in iOS 5. Many of the samples online have very complicated navigation controller code. Instead, we want to just do the … Continue reading

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iOS Tutorial: Combining Delegation, Storyboards, Popovers and Data

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to pass data from a view controller to a popover, and have data passed passed back from a button click, as well as dismissing the popover. The benefit is that it allows you to … Continue reading

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